Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions which aren't covered here, please don't be shy. We're real friendly, just get in touch.
Why should I choose Growth Stream?

Why us? One simple reason: you want to grow your business online and we have a step-by-step playbook for making that happen. Best of all, it's backed up by a decade of real results. We have helped businesses like yours many times before and we're very good at it. Check out our backstory for details.

If you choose Growth Stream's consulting services, you will be shortcutting a decade of hands-on learning by bringing in our founder, Dr. Daniel Pressley, to call the plays for you. Dan has been super-gluing websites to the top of Google since 2009 and he can do the same for you. Along the way, he can teach you how to maintain that position to secure sustainable, long-term growth.

Of course, SEO is only one piece of the puzzle. And we don't recommend that clients over-rely on one traffic source. At Growth Stream, we can help you diversify your marketing funnel by introducing or enhancing the other aspects of digital marketing. We can help you with Conversion Rates Optimisation, web development, PPA advertising, email marketing, local search, copywriting and more. Click here to see some of the ways we might be able to help you.

Is Growth Stream a new business?

Growth Stream is a new name for us but we have been lighting fires under small businesses for a decade now. Throughout that time, we have partnered closely with a small group of independent companies, working in a consulting / almost in-house capacity. With Growth Stream, we have changed our name and become more outward-facing. We want to work with small businesses in Wales, especially ones which share our obsession with growth. See our backstory to find out what we have been up to. Spoiler alert: it involves lots of small businesses growing massively.

Where is Growth Stream based?

We are based in Cardiff, by the main railway station. If you're in South Wales and you fancy coffee and a chat some time, drop us a line - we'd love to hear your story.

Is Growth Stream an agency?

No. The services we offer are consulting, coaching, training and speaking. Whereas an agency takes a job from you wholesale and works on it independently of you, we believe that SEO and digital marketing are best done with a degree of participation by you and your in-house team. You know your products, your customers and your sector best, plus you have the industry contacts.

It's a cliche, but think of it like this. A typical SEO or digital marketing agency sells you fish. We'd rather give you the net and show you how to use it. For us, this model makes better business sense, plus it's more ethical.

After all, an agency can always mark their own homework and tell you how well they have done. If they tell you they got your website to the top of Google, how do you know it's for the right keywords? If they say they attracted 1000+ followers on social media, how do you know they're all real people?

At Growth Stream, we want to give you the skills and strategies you need to put your future growth back in your own hands. We can teach you, coach you, or work alongside you. Sound good?

Can't you just do it all for me?

Growth Stream is not an agency but in some rare cases we might take on whole jobs where we do all the heavy lifting with only minimal input from the client. If this is a better fit for your business, let's talk about what you have in mind.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, we always offer a free 20-minute consultation call. No pressure, no obligation, no sales. Let's just find out if Growth Stream is a good fit for what you are planning. Click here to arrange your free consultation.

Do you offer more than just SEO?

Yes. Most people work with us because we can show them how to dominate search engines. But we have an impressive record with all of these things, too. Just ask us how our skills have helped businesses like yours to grow.

  • Web development
  • Copywriting
  • Social media strategy
  • Conversion rates optimisatiokn
  • Business planning
  • Local search
  • Digital PR
  • Email marketing
  • Consumer psychology
  • Pay-per-click and pay-per-action advertising
  • Branding
  • Recruitment and management
What's the difference between coaching and consulting?

Coaching, consulting, advising, mentoring. They're all very similar services and there is a lot of overlap between them. But, for us at Growth Stream, there is one main difference between coaching and consulting.

A coach is there to help you decide what to do and plan how it should be done. It's then up to you to do it, and they can help you along the way by providing a degree of accountability. They will have lots of specialist knowledge and can offer plenty of useful advice. But they will offer more guidance than instructions, and they won't do the work for you.

A consultant, by contrast, is there to have the answers or to do the job for you. Maybe even both. They can certainly offer advice and sometimes encouragement, too. But their main role is to help you complete a specific task which, for whatever reason, you don't want to carry out yourself. For example, a consultant could review and critique your sales funnel or train your in-house marketing team. A coach would not be suitable for either of those jobs.

How much does it cost?

We offer a free 20-minute consultation call to give you chance to decide whether Growth Stream is right for you. After that, prices vary according to the task at hand. You should expect to pay £500-1000 per day. If you're just looking to pick an expert's brains, our quick-fix sessions are available for as little as £200.

Do you offer public or private training events?

Both! We offer public and private training events. If you want us to come in and teach your team, just let us know and we can guide you through the whole process. If you are looking for a long-term or recurring course, tell us what you have in mind and we will see what we can do for you on price.

Do you offer SEO guest speaking?

Yes. Unfiltered, unvarnished, here is roughly what our founder, Daniel Pressley, will say if you book him to speak for your event or podcast. What works for Tesco and GoCompare probably won't work the same for your new startup. In honesty, an SEO or digital agency won't always be the best option either. But we know what will work and we don't keep secrets. Grab something to write with and let's do this. Click for a full article about our guest speaking.

Who will I be dealing with?

Growth Stream's front-of-house services are currently provided by company founder, Daniel Pressley. He has spent the last decade helping small business to grow by harnessing the power of SEO and digital marketing. No gimmicks, no BS. He doesn't want to be your guru and his Instagram is rubbish. But he is absolutely juiced about helping small businesses grow and he's very good at it. He does this by combining honest, practical advice with specialist knowledge and a battle-tested blueprint for growth. To find out more about Daniel, check out our backstory.

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