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Consulting, coaching and training in all aspects of online growth. You have a great product and a dream customer. We have a proven formula for connecting the two.

We turn your in-house team into SEO and digital marketing ninjas.

A lot of businesses get edged out when it comes to SEO and digital marketing because they're not sure where to start or who to trust. Growth Stream gives you the skills and strategies you need to reboot your growth online so you can reclaim your rightful position in the marketplace and take your message to the world.

Three ways we can help your business to grow this year

Search engine optimisation SEO

Put your website on page one of Google

With a decade in the industry, SEO consultancy is what we do best. We can teach, advise or lead. Tell us what's best for you

Turn your website into your best salesperson

A website that converts casual browsers into loyal customers. We'll show you a foolproof system that works.

marketing business plans

Use digital marketing to attract dream customers

Oven-ready digital marketing techniques that work every time. We'll show you the formula and work with you to make it yours.

What's next for your business?

So you have a great product and customers who want to buy it. But, to keep growing, you need more people visiting your website or knocking on your door. Sound about right? Here at Growth Stream, we specialise in helping businesses find and grow their audiences online. That means more people on your website, flirting with the "buy it now" button. We can do this because we're experts at SEO and digital marketing. We can give you the strategies and the skills your team needs to put rocket boosters on your company's growth.

Let's Talk

Let's talk about you

Growth Stream is for businesses and organisations with a turnover of £50k to £50m. If we're right for you, you will have a sincere desire to grow, and you will want to play an active role in your own marketing decisions. In other words, there will be some things you don't want to outsource completely. If this is you, let's talk.

Customer Stories

Cawson ni sesiynnau hyfforddi diddorol a thrylwyr gan dîm Growth Stream. Yn ogystal â maint enfawr o wybodaeth defnyddiol ac ymarferol, helpodd Dan ni gyda’r sgiliau ysgafnach o sut i ymlacio a bod yn hyderus tra’n cysylltu â chwsmeriaid newydd. Mi fyddwn ni’n bwcio sesiynnau pellach yn y dyfodol agos.


Sourcing SEO and Digital Marketing training through Growth Stream has been the best investment we have ever made since the formation of Music HQ. In a digital world of endless "get to No 1 in Google" emails, it's hard to find a legitimate business that’ll talk to you straight and offer realistic results. Daniel’s approach at Growth Stream is perfect for anyone who wants to cut out all the BS. Daniel is always on hand to talk through any technical issues or a new idea.


Dan’s calming presence was so appreciated and he genuinely cared about my business. He is able to work with you to support you in understanding your own goals and how you can achieve them. He always took the time to discuss matters with me, no matter how busy he may have already been and responded to my queries swiftly, which as a start up were many.


Dan provided consultancy support for our online marketing efforts particularly around SEO. He was extremely knowledgeable and also very helpful and and went above and beyond what I expected in terms of the quality of the work produced. Based on his recommendations we've been able really extend our reach in our online marketing without spending lots of money on advertising. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone looking for support with their online business development.


Thanks to the help from Dan and the team at Growth Stream we have really been able to grow our online presence. Dan has helped us with our online marketing, our digital appearance and to generally grow our business and raise our profile. Your input has helped our business for the better and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.

Reasons to use Growth Stream

What's on your mind?

There are lots of reasons why established businesses choose to contact us. Here are just a few of the most common ones. If any of these ring a bell, why not get in touch and tell us your own story?

We want to bounce back from Covid-19
We are facing new competition online
We want to tap into new markets online
Our website gets visitors but they don't buy
We're being left behind on social media
We want more people to visit in person
We've tried SEO but it hasn't worked
We want to expand
Our website is looking dated
Our SEO has been backsliding
We want to get more qualified leads on the phone
We want to get better value on digital advertising
Ask us to back our claims up with data-driven success stories

Tap into a decade of expertise

Tell us if this sounds familiar

Your journey to new levels of growth

Data-driven gap analysis

We use real data to map out the quickest route from where you are now to where you want to be. What's working for you already online, and what's falling short? Where are your rivals scoring? What did your past customers find most persuasive about you? Who is your dream customer and where can we find them? Expect real numbers, clear outcomes and a detailed roadmap.

A startup's target customer in marketing
A startup company's marketing message

Start work on SEO

One reason that SEO isn't right for everyone is the amount of time it takes. It's not a quick fix. So, if climbing Google is the right move for you, then we will get started right away. We can offer coaching and training, or we can come in and project-lead on a consultancy basis. From the start, we will use real data to answer all the fundamental questions. Is your website SEO-friendly? What keywords does your dream customer type into Google? What resources will we need to beat your SEO competition?

Mend the leaky bucket

Every website loses traffic, and we will never convert every visitor into a paying customer. But we can provide a data-driven analysis that shows where, when and why people leave your website without converting into buyers or followers. Improving your conversion rate is quick and easy, and it increases the ROI on everything else you do. So, 'mending the leaky bucket' is perhaps the best value-for-money upgrade you can make to your business online.

Marketing data

Future-proof your online growth

To make your online growth sustainable, we need a diverse spread of traffic sources. In other words, lots of customers finding you in lots of different ways. That way, if anything unexpected happens to one traffic source, the others will keep you going. Paid advertising, local search, social media - click here for a list of what we can help you with.

Stay connected with customers

For a business which offers great customer experiences, the best future prospects are your past customers. Using a mix of traditional and digital marketing, we can help you 'preframe' your customers to want and expect a repeat-business relationship. Then, we can help you stay on their radar by retargeting them online. That means bringing them back, again and again. Finally, we can help you automate your customer relations so that you can deliver an ever better service with far less effort.

Connecting with customers
Happy customers leaving reviews

Turn buyers into fans

So you've found the right customers and you've blown their socks off with amazing service. Now it's time to recruit them into your sales team by getting them to tell the world how great you are. We can show you how to get people talking about you online and how to get the reviews that will separate you from your rivals.

What we do

Unlock your growth potential online

We deliver training, coaching and consulting in all forms of small-business growth. For most clients, that means SEO and digital marketing but we cover all aspects of online business activity. We're not an agency and we don't claim to do everything for you. Instead we give you the answers and the skills you need to take your future growth into your own hands.

Our Services
A little bit about us

What is Growth Stream?

Who we are

Growth Stream is a new name for us. But we have been putting rocket boosters on small businesses for over a decade now. Our specialism is online growth. In a nutshell, that means doing whatever it takes to help you find your customers and turn them into fans. Check out our backstory here...

What we do

We are experts at websites, search engine optimisation and digital marketing. Most businesses contact us because we can get them to the top of Google and keep them there. But that's just one piece of the puzzle. Successful businesses stay with us because our blueprint for growth also includes local search, advertising, web development, copywriting, social media, email marketing and more. Read about our services...

How we work

We offer a combination of business coaching, consulting and training courses, as well as conference speaking. We're really flexible - just let us know what you need.

Cut through the Jargon

What does Digital Marketing mean to us?

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO means getting to the top of Google's search rankings (for the right keywords) and staying there. We have a decade of experience in securing position #1 rankings and we can show you the formula. Being a bit nerdy helps. Being passionate about your organisation's growth is a must.

Local Search

If you have a front door and you want customers to walk through it, that's what local search is for. Also known as Google Places or Google Maps. It's what happens when you search for "coffee shop near me" and three minutes later you have a cappuccino moustache and a caffeine buzz.

Pay Per Action

Also known as Pay Per Click. Simply put, it's advertising your services on Google, social media and third-party websites. Our job is to show you how to get value. Done badly, online adverts are a money pit. But if they're done right, they're not a cost, they're an easy way to make money.

Web devleopment code

Web Design & Development

Building a website can take a weekend or a year. And making it look pretty is the easy part. The challenge is creating a site that is still impresses you at year end, not just on launch day. We've built more websites than we can remember and we can guide you through the whole process.

Copywriting business consultant


Think writing is obsolete? Well, keep reading and think again. From product descriptions to podcast intros, there is still no substitute for well-written language. If you want your message to cut through the background noise, you will need strong, persuasive copy that has impact.

Digital marketing hashtag for social media

Social Media Strategy

Which social media channels should you use and how much time should you invest? Where do your customers congregate online and how do you join the conversation? To answer these questions, you need a well honed marketing plan. Luckily, we can help you with all of the above #winning.

Conversion rates optimisation

Conversion Rates Optimisation

You have a website and it is attracting visitors, so your marketing plan is working. The next task is to fine-tune the website to make sure that the casual browsers become customers and then raving fans. In the industry, that process is called conversion rates optimisation.

Email marketing

Email Marketing

Done right, newsletters are a homing beacon for loyal followers. Done wrong, they're just more unopened spam. We've been delivering successful email-marketing campaigns since 2013 and we have a formula that works, even in the age of GDPR. We found your customers, now let's keep them.

Content marketing megaphone

Content Marketing

Today's online customers expect to receive value from a brand before they make a purchase. By producing great content, you can familiarise potential customers with your brand while showcasing your value. Find your audience, earn their trust, boost sales. We'll walk you through it.

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